The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> No, you can't let them be weighted by this.
> Twilight...
> You miss her so very, very much.
> Every fiber of your body aches to have her back by your side, to support her through this as well.
> After all, in the loss of your husband she had also experienced the loss of a brother.
> But, what could Sunburst's contacts do?
> Even if they could find her, liberating her was something they would surely already want to do in the first place.
> And Anonymous...
> He would only see her - not entirely wrongly - as another level of control over you.
> If he could even control her in the first place; most of what you had heard was clear:
> Twilight was fiercely rebellious.
> It occurs to you that if she refused to obey, it could ironically undermine this safe(r) haven you have managed to establish here.
> A second later you feel sickened by thinking of her in that way - your little Twily, a threat!
> But it is what it is.
> No, Twilight is a tough mare - solid and reliable in her own way.
> Despite whatever horrors they were inflicting on her you could not do anything for her through either channel now.
> For now, you had a camp to run as best you could.
> One excellent thing that had come with the expansion was a new and improved dining hall.
> No longer would you have to do with the original facilities, which while adequate had never been intended for this many ponies.
> A greatly enlarged hall had been added to the new section of the camp, and it is in this that you find yourself eating with a mix of new and familiar faces that night.
> It wasn't quite homey yet - the paint had only just had a chance to dry, and the building held a very much typical squared-off, boxed-in human aesthetic rather than any nods to Equestrian architecture.
> In time, though, that would change.
> What better place to have them begin making the camp their own than the place they ate?
> Slipping between the tables, you find a seat for yourself.
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