The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"For now, I'll authorize provisionally pulling them off their assigned work details and giving them a limited space to work in - to show me what they're capable of. How much they can do... here."
> "That sounds reasonable, yes."
> If Cadance picks up on how skeptical you sound of the whole 'work better when they're joyful' thing, she isn't saying.
> Then again, it sounds like you might have some researching to do as well.
> You'd known the Crystal Empire had been grown in place by some arcane means, but that it was raised that short a time?
> And the same could be done to precious gems?
> By and large you trusted Cadance to tell you the truth, yet you can't help but wonder if she is stretching it this time.
"I'll want to speak to them at some point. Also... I think I'll make an announcement tomorrow morning, about this whole escape. Explain myself. Why I'm letting him off, so he can hear it straight from me too. Have him out of his cell tomorrow morning, and in the new dining hall?"
> The smallest touch of a smile graces her lips.
> "Yes. I think I can do that."
> When you raise an eyebrow questioningly, she adds:
> "I'm glad to see you trying to fix things yourself."
"...I just don't want to make him panic even more if he sees me marching into his cell."
> "Well. Tomorrow morning, then."
> While her day may be mostly over, there is still one thing you have left to do.
> Sunburst is waiting when you arrive, pen dancing in an open notebook.
"Sorry to keep you waiting. I had some last-minute discussions with Cadance."
> "Not a problem, Master."
> Sinking into one of your favorite chairs, you lean back and let your eyes close with a relieved sigh.
> "Is... this a bad time, Master? I know there was-"
"No, it's fine. There's no problems anymore; we talked it over. So, where do we stand?"
> Looking back down at his notebook, Sunburst quickly dives in:
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