The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I will."
> You bow your head, mane falling forward over your face.
"I cannot force you to say anything you do not want to. Not when you've done nothing wrong."
> "Thank you, Your Highness."
> His whisper is still laden with fear, as if to say anything more would cause you to change your mind.
> After he is gone you remain, tapping a pencil thoughtfully on the tabletop.
> Without a doubt something was eating at Lattice.
> Something that caused him to fear you - fear speaking to you.
> To not want his magic to touch yours.
> But what...?
> Had he heard some rumor about you that would make him fear you?
> Or was it back from before, in the Crystal Empire?
> You didn't remember wronging anyone back then, but you couldn't be sure.
> "Your Highness?"
"Mayor Mare? Come in; I'm not busy."
> The graying mare slips into your office and carefully shuts the door behind her.
> "Did your talk with them not go well? I heard you speaking as you stepped out..."
"No, it went well. Just, Lattice... I don't understand it. He is scared of me, for some reason."
> "Because you - manage this place?"
"I don't think so. Something else - something deeper."
> "Should I approach him, Your Highness?"
> That thought sends a soft shudder through your wings.
"No, please. Even if you meant well, if he -"
> You pause, hesitating, then continue more softly:
"The Crystals, Mayor Mare, have very particular memories about being... investigated by authorities. We can set a schedule, but he cannot feel as though we're looming over his withers."
> "I understand."
"If we do have to... maybe come with some gifts. To show his work is still appreciated."
> The older mare cracks a small smile, wrinkles at the corners of her eyes forming.
> "That sounds excellent. Though I'd hoped he would understand better after that show this morning..."
"It was quite the display, wasn't it?"
> "Absolutely. I was most surprised by Megan's role in it."
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