The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"We pass the same instructions on to them that I've been giving to you: This is our fallback. Our reserve. Our last resort, in case Anonymous... falls."
> "Cadance, if someponye came in here just to deliver this message-"
"I know!"
> Your voice had been sharper than intended, and Sunburst recoils from your touch.
> Sighing, you extend your wing again.
"I'm sorry, Sunburst. I didn't mean..."
> After a moment, he slips back near to you.
"I suppose... I am afraid too. I fear-"
> A monster beyond your control.
> One of your own making, even.
> Now running beyond your control, making it impossible for you to secure your daughter's safety.
> Sweet Celestia, what would Anonymous do if he found out?
> It would be so much worse than when you'd merely been his unwilling slave.
> Now you were bound up in his efforts; if he discovered your plans now it'd be like -
> Like a discovering a cheating spouse.
> He truly believed you were a wholehearted accomplice in his efforts now, and in many way you were.
> But what were your alternatives?
> March up to his front door and admit everything?
> You snort audibly, earning a questioning look from Sunburst.
> That'd go fantastically.
> It'd be lucky if you only ended up with the worst whipping of your life, and not hours shackled into that gibbet again!
> No.
"Sunburst, let me ask you this: Can you maintain control of your organization? Just the ponies you have recruited so far?"
> "The ones I know, absolutely. But the way we've isolated each group, each cell - I can't honestly say all of them."
> Always straightforward.
"Then here is what you are going to do: Reply to this - messenger. Keep it limited to as few ponies as you can, even within your network. Perhaps even set aside a group just for this purpose."
> Even as you'd begun to talk, Sunburst had grabbed a paper pad and pencil to begin scratching down your words.
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