The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Anonymous, do you remember when I went into the city? How what we saw... affected me?"
> "Yes... you want to take them with you?"
> He's catching on fast.
"Not them - not the Crystals. It would be too much to think about, and - I'm not sure I can think of a good reason to include them. No, just - some ponies, from within the camp."
> Besides, the Crystals weren't the ones who you were worried about.
> "Granted, you'd still need a reason to bring them along."
"Do we?"
> Anonymous tilts his head.
> "Won't it be a bit obvious if we don't?"
"Yes - well - not having no reason at all. Just, we don't need a specific reason reason for the ponies in question. If we had to..."
> You tap a hoof thoughtfully; quickly, however, Anonymous speaks up:
> "I have a potentially risk proposition to suggest."
"Tell me."
> "Mocha Cream is - coming down to visit more often now, yes?"
> Despite the serious topic, a small smile finds its way to your lips.
"Yes - always with my escort, but she is coming. Has even started speaking to some of the other ponies on her own again. Why?"
> "The computers I ordered are coming in within a few days."
> You nod absentmindedly.
> Deciding that the camp finally merited allowing some more advanced human technology in - albeit under severe restrictions, as he had put it, to avoid ponies using it for 'unfortunate purposes' - had been a welcome one.
> But you still weren't quite sure how-
> It clicks, and you breathe softly:
"The family project..."
> "Exactly."
> Nodding in confirmation, Anonymous cracks a small grin in return.
> "Mocha will announce that opportunity opening up. Once they start identifying possible acquisitions, we can have the closest relative come along to collect them... but for other acquisitions, to fill in work team positions we need, why not have it be by lottery instead? Or 'lottery' anyhow."
> There's something unsettling about how easily willing he is to bias an allegedly-fair chance.
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