The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2018-01-08 03:14:29 No. 31687299
I'm still holding on to similar frustrations with Thunderlane and Seismic concerning these protestors: it's odd they would only show up here now at a humane slaving center when any of the countless more horrifying ones could use their help. They seem right to be wary of the damage they could cause through their ignorance / glory-seeking, and while I might be convinced they may be trying to do the right thing I don't know for sure yet it's for the right reasons. Let Vapor and Rumble and Copper never forget humans put them in this situation in the first place and it's peculiar how they only found the moral center to protest 'now'. Don't want anyone getting too excited over this.

Though, on the other hand: it IS nice having something sitting out there on the side of the road constantly reminding Anon what sort of shite business he's chosen to run and if anything I'm grateful for making it easier to hit home just how his ponies think of their situation and see if he gets any inclination to change his mindset.

>Our decision
Give Rumble that apology. I think Thunderlane DID chew him out a bit harshly and to be frank he's right in that we did only just recently do that to him already. But, make sure he gets where you're coming from too: point out what could go wrong in the camp and the consequences of his actions, to think them through.

!F9CBa509ak 2018-01-09 08:25:50 No. 31699657

"...yeah. I suppose you're right."
> Groaning, you flop back onto the bed.
> Having to apologize to your headstrong little brother on top of all the other concerns you had was not something you were ready for.
> Almost immediately, however, Vapor Trail is at your side - her muzzle brushing along your neck and little puffs of breath tickling your mane.
> "I know. Little siblings can be a real pain, can't they?"
"Like you would not believe."
> Pushing out with a wing, you roll around onto your back and smile up at Vapor.
> She, in turn, smiles warmly right back before placing a soft kiss on your nose.
> Of course you can't let that go un-returned, and reach up with both forelegs to pull her into a rather deeper, more intimate kiss.
> An indignant squeak quickly turns into a pleased hum as your lips meet.
> Once the moment is broken, you whisper up:
"Thank you, Vapor. For being there for me. For everything."
> "Quit being a featherbrain, Thunderlane. You don't have to thank me. You're there often enough for me!"
> She does have a point, and you-
"Oooof! Careful, you're kind of heavy!"
> Vapor Trail smirks a touch from where she'd sprawled across your belly.
> "Are you calling me fat?"
> Leaning up, you manage to just reach the edge of one of her ears - but still, a perfectly-nibble-able edge.
"...I refuse to answer, on the basis that there's only one bed in here for sleeping and I'd rather not end up on the floor tonight."
> Far to busy giggling at your tickling nibbles to respond initially, and when she does it's by scooting up to place a soft kiss on your cheek.
> "I just told you don't be a featherbrain. I'd never kick you out of bed."
"I know."
> Closing your eyes, you wrap your hooves around her and sigh.
"And - Vapor. I guess I should apologize to you as well. I didn't mean it that I was... ignoring what you want."
> "I know, Thunderlane."
> Curling into your touch, Vapor Trail still frowns.
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