The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2018-01-12 11:12:22 No. 31718044
> You sigh, feeling Mocha's hooves pause on the back of your head.
"...maybe with some escort. Not specifically a guard, but definitely someone I trust. Closely. And even then, I'd want her to keep to open places."
> "Yes, Master..."
> No doubt Mocha Cream understood exactly why you'd be so alarmed.
> Yes, your ponies had been far more passive once you'd properly dealt with the problematic ones who'd been egging them on.
> But that didn't mean you didn't worry that some others wouldn't be able to resist the urge to try something...
> Stupid.
"Yeah, I think I can do that. Soon Megan will be old enough she can start going on her own. I forget sometimes, it won't be too many years now..."
> Mocha Cream giggles softly.
> "She is a very nice young girl, isn't she Master?"
"Yes, she most certainly is."
> The moment her hooves leave your skin, you sit up - and before Mocha can pull away, reach out to grab her.
> Plopping the little maid-pony down in your lap, you look down at her with a wide smirk.
"And you're being awfully thoughtful for her, aren't you? I mean, if she didn't really ask you to do this..."
> Squeaking, she flushes up all over again and curls her forelegs defensively over her chest.
> "M-Miss Megan is very, very kind to us. I c-couldn't let her... she wouldn't ask you herself..."
> You might've gone a bit pale there.
> Was she getting to the rebellious age already?!
> God, you were not ready to deal with that.
> Restless ponies were one thing, but a recalcitrant daughter was a whole different matter!
> "Master? Did I-"
"No, no!"
> Slipping a hand beneath her chin, you start to scratch through the creamy hair along her throat.
> Mocha gives a little whinny and rolls her head back with eyes half-closed.
"No, I'm just... it's one of those things you'll understand when you have a child, Mocha."
> "O-Oh."
> Chuckling at her reaction - she'd barely been able to mumble out the single word - you keep scratching.
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