The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Alright. Let's go grab something to eat, if we're going to be waiting that long."
> For their sake, you leave the market before seeking out a restaurant.
> No need to keep them in that place too long; they'd have plenty of chances to see it when you got back.
> Besides, you'd already hammered home the point hard - perhaps a bit too hard.
> Instead you end up standing on the street-corner, phone in hand and ponies clustered around your legs as you search out a suitable eatery.
> Not merely one that wouldn't leave you feeling gross, but one that would tolerate their presence as well.
> Some locations had - rules.
> No ponies, or putting them in back rooms.
> While you'd intended to 'scare them straight', you had a sneaking suspicion that pushing any further would not produce the result you wanted.
> So with a location in mind you clear your throat and drop down into a squat to bring your face nearer to theirs.
"...okay, so there's a decent place to eat about four blocks away. It'll be a little tricky to find a parking spot, but if you don't think you can make it we can go back to the van."
> There's a brief moment of discussion between them.
> Some audible, some in the silent tongue of glances and body-language.
> Eventually one - an unfamiliar face - speaks up:
> "I, um. I think we can walk, Master."
> Murmurs of general agreement are heard all around, and so you reach out to lightly ruffle their mane.
"There's a strong mare. Okay, come on - I'll try and go as fast as I can."
> While the agreement seemed to have been reached by some manner of consensus, their hurried pace and the way they huddle in a bunched-up group on the sidewalk suggests that it wasn't entirely a comfortable one.
> It isn't helped by the confused, jealous, and sometimes sneering glances shot in their direction by passers-by.
> So many ponies walking with a single person still stretched the limits of normality even in a city used to equine laborers.
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