The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2018-01-23 11:00:12 No. 31775522

> The ride back is far more peaceful than the ride in.
> Maybe because these new arrivals are used to a more hard-edged life than you provide.
> Or maybe because Bon Bon has had enough arguments for one day, and settles for holding quiet discussions in the back with them.
> Little noise makes its way forward, only low words held in soft conversation and the occasional clink or rattle of chain as one of them moves a bit or you hit a bump in the road,
> Bon Bon had not been pleased about that, but raised no fuss.
> Possibly because she'd seen the Foremost ELT staff locking them in place to the truck as well and understood it wasn't something you'd ordered.
> Either way, they only really start paying attention again when you're nearly home.
> With the foreknowledge of where the protesters had decided to camp out, this time you take a roundabout path to avoid running that gauntlet, and some of the ponies gasp in surprise as the camp rolls into view.
> They clearly hadn't been expecting it to be this large.
> Hooves and muzzles remain practically glued to the windows - or as close as the chains would allow, in some cases - as the gates are rolled open and you pull through.
> You park beside the manor and quickly set about freeing them from the van:
"Alright, huddle up here. The truck shouldn't be too far out, and when it comes they can get these collars off of you too."
> Despite the summer heat the ponies don't mind being outside at all.
> You’d be soaked in sweat were it not for being in the shadow of your manor, but the camp clearly has their rapt attention.
> Some are even drawn to stay closer for a better look, nearly disobeying your orders before the tug of their chain brought them back in line.
> Eventually the truck turns up, brakes squealing as it pulls to a stop.
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