The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"...alright. Seismic, stay here and keep an eye on her. I'm going to let Gene and Anonymous know."
> "You don't want to go out there? You've got your tag, you could-"
"Do what? She's a police officer - or something close to it. I can't order her to stop."
> She, after all, isn't a slave.
"Best case, I get an idea of why she's here... but maybe I rile up the crowd to do something stupid, and then that'd fall on me."
> "Yeah, I guess. I just really don't like that she's out there. She was looking for some way to pin a crime on Anonymous, right? What if she's the one who riles the crowd up until he does something."
"Then we deal with that then. But not now. Keep an eye out."
> He huffs softly, but scoops the binoculars back up.
> "Yeah. I will. Just can't help but wonder if she's part of the reason they're here instead of some worse place."
> That's a thought on your mind too, and one you pass on to Gene.
> For his part, he listens with an increasingly dark scowl before calling Anonymous and letting you repeat it all to him too.
> Anonymous replies with an equally frustrated-sounding huff - at least, that's what you presume it is.
> Over the phone it comes across as a staticky hiss.
> "Thanks, Thunderlane. I know you wouldn't have brought this to my attention unless you were certain it was her, so I'm pretty convinced. Alright, Thunderlane - head back to duty, I'll make what inquiries I can."
> "Gene, if you want to put a permanent guard team on that side keeping an eye on her - one pony, one employee maybe? I know we're a little short on staff right now, so I'll leave that up to you."
> "Going to have to say no. Not until the cameras are finished going up, anyway; we're spread thin enough trying to watch the other spots along the fence."
> "I get it. That's fine; I'll look into further acquisitions to cover this."
> Another staticky-hiss sigh.
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