The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I promise, Vapor."
> Leaning in, you brush noses with her and puff breath softly through your nostrils.
"I can't let him take your Sunburst any more than I could let him take my Flurry Heart. I promise you, with every ounce of strength I have I will always fight for her to stay with you."
> You try to ignore that it was the same unwillingness to be separated from Flurry again that had driven you to work with him in the first place.
> Vapor stirs, finally untensing and rolling her head forward to brush against your neck.
> "I... I can't..."
> Her resolve is faltering, though.
> Clearly she had not expected you to fall out that strongly on her side, and that is something you can work with.
"If I can't protect that most sacred bond between mother and foal, Vapor, what right do I have to ever call myself your leader? And if Anonymous tries, do I have any right but to stand between him and you?"
> You can feel Vapor Trail's coat ripple with a fresh shudder, a confused noise in her throat.
> Besides, you think:
> Anonymous wasn't in the business of selling slaves.
> The only one time he had sold a pony off, it had been punishment for Mocha Cream's mistreatment.
> Never before or since, even when ponies had fallen ill, passed away, or resisted his rule.
> Of all the risky bets you took, that he would not decide to suddenly sell in the future seemed like a safer one.
> "...okay. He - he can hold her. I'll let him. But you have to be here -"
"Where else would I be?"
> Both your wings wrap around her.
> A moment later you feel Thunderlane's settle over your own, enfolding the mare in a feathery cocoon from all sides.
> "I'll be here too, 'Trail. And remember, it's my duty to protect ponies too. I took my job because I could protect a pony, and I won't give that up."
"We'll both be looking out for you, but you are a strong pony yourself. You can do this."
> "Yes..."
> Slipping free of the huddle, you step out into the hallway once again.
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