The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Here - you've obviously been hard at work for a long time. You can take a while off; why don't we go for a bit of a drive."
> "Drive, Master?"
> Tourmaline seems best, but Lattice's face is inscrutable.
"Yeah. Just to go and see things, you know? Come on."
> Regardless of their feelings on the matter both follow obediently.
> The electric cart you'd parked outside the shop has more than enough room for both.
> To your interest, Lattice takes the passenger's seat beside you; unlike with Bon Bon, however, there's no challenge or dare implied in it.
> He just... slips in, looking away when he notices you watching.
> The cart's motor is far less than the rumble of an engine, but to the delicate ears of a pony they may as well have been the same.
> Certainly you weren't going to be sneaking up on any of them; all are quite busy as you pass by.
> "So many..."
> Tourmaline's soft voice flows from the back seat.
"Yes. Nearing two-thousand, with the latest batch of arrivals now."
> "You must be very wealthy, Master."
"I am, in fact, in debt at the moment. Loans, to fund this newest expansion."
> "To buy - us?"
"I suppose you could look at it that way. But the basic idea is holding - I build jobs around positions ponies are happier in, so I can do things with them no one else could. I should be able to pay them off in time."
> And next time, hopefully not have to deal with bowing to the whims of investors.
> Cadance would probably appreciate that too.
> "When - we're successful with the gems... will that mean there will be more ponies coming then?"
"If you are, yes."
> A turn at the next corner, and you lift a hand in greeting to Cadance and Mocha Cream as you pass them.
> The latter mare still limped and hung close to the alicorn's tail - as if ready to dive under it for protection at a moment's notice.
> But not quite as close as she once did.
> She's even managing a little smile as she trots along.
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