The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Tourmaline? Why don't you go out and speak to the floor manager. You'll find her pretty easily. Talk to her - or, hell, talk to anyone - and find out what you'd like to be doing here, okay?"
> "Yes, Master."
> She can't keep the nervous little tremble out of her voice, though, nor stop her eyes from darting to Lattice.
> Still, Tourmaline obediently steps out of the storage room.
> Even shuts the door behind her.
> Lattice doesn't look scared, exactly, but certainly a bit nervous.
> Fortunately, you don't have any intention of doing anything but putting him at ease.
"Look, Lattice... I don't know what your issue with Cadance is. I don't know why you're struggling. And I don't know what you've got hidden under there."
> "I-"
> You hold up a hand to silence him.
"But I can tell you this much for starters: I don't forbid ponies from holding on to keepsakes."
> You lean back on your chair with a hefty sigh.
"And honestly... I don't think you should fear her. Cadance has done a lot for you all. Stood toe-to-toe with me - hoof-to-toe, I guess - when her conscience demanded it."
> "Can't..."
> Lattice's voice is a low murmur, and there's the hint of a damp shimmer around the edges of his eyes.
> "If she knows who I am - she'd know - I wouldn't have anything left."
"Is that what you've got there? Something that'd tell her who you are?"
> He nods.
"And she wouldn't trust you if she saw it?"
> "Nopony would, if they knew who I am."
"Should I not trust you?"
> A pause, then a firm shake.
> It still isn't adding up, though.
> He hadn't seemed to like the enchanting shop anymore than he'd liked the princess.
> For a moment you ponder if he'd stolen something from the workshop - but no.
> How would that identify him?
"Is what you've got there magical somehow, Lattice?"
> The way he freezes up tells you the question was spot-on.
> "I'd - really prefer not to talk about it. Please."
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