The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Mayor, enough!"
> Pulling her off of the stallion isn't as simple as you'd hoped.
> Mayor Mare may be a few decades older than you, but she was still in earth pony - and still had their legendary resilience and strength to prove it.
> Her leg was locked in place like an iron vice, and it takes all but your full strength to dislodge her.
"You can't hurt him! Let go, Mayor!"
> Something in your words finally gets through to her.
> Falling away, she all but collapses into her seat and folds her head into her hooves - shoulder shuddering as she begins to cry.
> You want to go comfort her.
> Right now though, you have other priorities.
> Like this idiot of a stallion, who your take the recently-vacated position of dealing with him.
"Now. You."
> Just in case he missed how angry you are, you press him right back up against the wall.
"I want you to think about what you're doing for just one moment. This - this is foalnapping. I don't care what your intent is. I don't care if you think it's brave or right to play rebel. I don't-"
> "We're not - not trying to play rebel! She's fine-"
"Aren't you? I want you to consider what you're doing. You know why Mayor Mare is torn up like this? Because you are putting her fate at risk with this if she isn't found. So is Cadance. You're beyond at risk - you're not new here; you know what he did the last time someone he cared about was attacked."
> You don't add that Megan herself is at a fair bit of risk.
> Not just from whoever these ponies were - but from Anonymous too.
> "We're not doing anything to her I swear by Celestia's-"
"I don't care what you swear!"
> You drive your head against his and glare at him practically eye-to-eye.
> Risky, but it hasn't passed your attention that he hasn't lit his horn despite the position he finds himself in.
> This wasn't a hardened rebel - just a pony who hadn't thought things through.
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