The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You sigh heavily.
"I am so very, very deeply disappointed - in both of you. After how Flurry was neglected, I took a great deal of comfort that my daughter would be with someone who would care for her and look after her."
> She shudders at those memories, the feather-tips of her spread wings trembling.
"And, in turn, I knew she would do her absolute best for you as well, Megan. This... you put both yourselves at such terrible, terrible risk. And you did it together, neither of you leading the other on. Or ordering."
> Anonymous nods, putting a hand on his daughter's shoulder.
> "And the same for me, sweetheart. You were supposed to be a model for Flurry as to how a leader should act. And Flurry, you were supposed to moderate my daughter when she was doing something foolish as well."
> Letting your eyes slip shut, you sigh.
> This is going to be painful to do, because you have a reasonably good idea of what Anonymous is going to suggest will be done with them.
> Lifting your head from the bed, you open your eyes just in time to catch both their heads swivel around to focus on Anonymous - wondering what punishment will be handed down.
> It takes a moment longer to realize you were doing the same as well.
> Some desperate hope still driving you to hope that he wouldn't-
> "Okay, then. Here's what's going to happen: First, Megan, I'm going to give you a spanking for this-"
> You think your flinch is worse than what the two of them do.
> But you can't deny that if it were going to be done for anything, it would be for this...
> "-and then two of you are grounded for at least two weeks... at least half of that, separately from each other. Megan, you will do your chores and your homework without Flurry's help. I hope it gives you some time to think about what you have done and, more importantly, why I am so angry about it."
> "No!"
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