The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Well. If you really insist, then I'll see about transferring you."
> Lattice slumps in relief.
> "Thank you, Your Highness."
"There is no need. We will have to find a proper place for you to work, though."
> "Anonymous took us into one of the enchanting shops. Even if I cannot grow the crystals from nothing, I think I can still form them - mend them, make them better for enchanting."
"That would be good. Do you know what Tourmaline's preference is?"
> "No, Your Highness. You would have to ask her yourself."
> From the way he said that, you have to suspect he would much prefer not to be the one asking her.
"Very well. Anonymous will have to give his approval for shutting down this experiment, but-"
> "Oh, that won't be a problem! He took me aside and explained that I should feel free to speak up if I didn't think the project was going to work."
> Somehow you're actually delighted to hear that.
> Anonymous taking a direct, sympathetic role in managing the ponies?
> Perhaps your efforts had been getting through to him after all.
> Unfolding a wing, you lay it across his back.
"There's no shame in this, Lattice. We may be slaves, but all I ask is that you do all you the most you can."
> His head falls, shoulders actually shaking a bit.
> As if your wing was a far heavier weight.
> "I don't deserve your kindness"
> Channeling your best impression of your Aunt Celestia's ever-calming tones, you use your wing to draw him in against your side.
"Everypony deserves kindness, Lattice."
> "Not me. I don't want to be special. I don't want to be a leader or anything like that."
"Well, no one is telling you that you have to be."
> "G-Good. I'll just - just take a quiet job in one of the shops. And that - that will be enough. No more. Thank you, Your Highness."
> His breathy expression of relief is almost euphoric in nature.
> What did he fear - standing out?
> Being recognized by Anonymous?
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