The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2018-03-12 11:48:42 No. 32036392
Nice to meet up with Sciptorial again, and surprised at Anon trying to pass advice on to Stedler about letting his ponies have more freedom.. I doubt he will consider it, his attitude towards the 'purchases' is as callous as ever, but it's nice on Anon. Nicer even is actually giving more mind to Scriptorial and asking her opinion on the griffons / desires to meet Cadance again, I like her.

>Meeting the griffons
This was interesting, I liked how you detailed out this scene because I really wasn't expecting 'Cadance' of all ponies to go into a lion-like growl and circle/trap a griffon in some kind of weird, griffon dominance dance was unexpected. Cool to see though and I like how Anon actually made sure they didn't supersede Cadance's dominant role of authority compared to him.

>The decision
Let's tell Cadance we understand what she's referring to: that the idea of bringing outsiders to guard the ponies might make them feel less secure than when we were having ponies among them brought up to the guard, and that the griffons in turn might, in feeling less attached to this place right away, not be the kind of guards we were looking for.

However I think our decision to go through with making them guards is still a sound one. Surely not EVERY guard who was on her palace before were all Crystal Empire natives, transfers occur? It's an important job, but it's still just a job: one that they do well (as I doubt griffons are particularly inclined towards the other duties in Cadance's town) and could learn to uphold respect for both the town and its ponies through it. What if one of our new purchased ponies had a cutie mark in defending/upholding the law, a former officer, wouldn't it make sense to put him on the guard right away despite all these issues she's suggesting?

!F9CBa509ak 2018-03-13 09:23:56 No. 32044673

"Why didn't you say something before?! I asked you, Cadance! You know you're my expert on Equestria's inhabitants; if there was going to be a problem, you should have told me about it back when I started asking about this in the first place!"
> She huffs softly, shaking her head.
> "Because you never did ask! You told me you were considering my advice on bringing in griffons at all, and I gave you my best advice then. But I'm talking about bringing in anyone to be guards. And you never did ask about that, and if they were ponies I would still be objecting. "
> There, you have to admit, she has a point.
> The griffons were never meant to be an inward-looking threat.
> Rather, their eyes were supposed to be pointed outward.
> You'd never consulted her on the impact of doing that.
"...okay, look. In the end, you're still my advisor. You still have control over the ponies - and griffons - here. If you want them off the guard, put them on the watch to start with until they're better integrated, I can arrange that."
> "No."
> Cadance grimaces, pawing at the ground with a hoof.
> "The watch would be, if possible, even worse. They need the trust just as much, but are supposed to listen to ponies too - help them work things out before they get to the level of guards and punishments. Outsiders wouldn't be trusted."
"Then what do you want me to do, Cadance? I have an army of madmen camping out in front of my house threatening some madness that would endanger my property, my employees, and my daughter. I needed more guards; hiring would have cost a lot more and meant less ponies coming here."
> No answer comes; instead her head hangs - bangs of mane hanging to either side.
"I will do whatever is necessary to protect everything that's mine. And I think everypony here should know by now that the only ones who should fear my anger are the ones who know they are doing something wrong."
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