The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"We will overcome this together, Sunburst. All of us, together. That truth was not left behind in Equestria - it's true now. We face great challenges, but as long as we stay together no evil can defeat us. We never give up, we never let them take out hope, and we will be free again. Together."
> It's not like you haven't spoken the words before.
> But even so you can see the energy welling up in him:
> Ears pricking, legs a little bit straighter, eyes a little bit brighter.
"Right now, I have no reason to trust what she says. Anonymous already admitted what he had done to Corona to all of us, and if she wants to look for murder there are far darker places to be searching than here. What Autumn Frost and Comet Tail suffered was no worse than could have been done with them elsewhere."
> You're up on all four hooves yourself now, pacing in circles.
"If I give her more, there is no guarantee she will be honest with us. And even if she was, what does she think, I would leave my daughter behind? Accept my own freedom while she is still here? While all of you are still languishing here?"
> "Yes, Your Highness!"
> Well.
> Sunburst is certainly reassured.
"I would require some assurance that the camp would not be... divided up and all of you sent off to who-knows where. I will not abandon you like that, even if I were free."
> "That's why the plan is for all of us to try and be carried out to the same destination?"
"Exactly. I made a costly mistake in sending ponies away on their own; I will not repeat it."
> "So, are you going to send back a message? To her too?"
"I will not just talk now. If Anonymous regresses to the point we need to consider fleeing... that is a different matter. Until then, this fascination with him is... worrying. Send back a message. Tell her, I want to speak to her directly. No more of this... bouncing around messages."
> "Understood, Your Highness! Do I have our contact send all of that? Including about us?"
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