The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Later, you sit in Anonymous' office; Cadance rests equally quietly beside you, as does Gene on your other side.
> Across sits your owner himself; Mocha Cream putters between the seats, arranging cups of coffee before each.
> She's becoming more deft with using hooves in place of her faltering magic.
> Enough that only a few drops are spilled, and those quickly wiped up.
> "Thank you, Mocha. Alright, everyone. Let's go over what just happened. Gene, tell me the police are doing something about those fuckers out there."
> "They are. They're gone for now, and there will be police car on station if they return. The police are also looking to get an order from the county judge to keep the protesters off the road in the future."
> "Good. Cadance, any other signs of problems in the camp?"
> "Not right now, anyhow."
> Shifting in her seat, she glances out the window towards the road the protest-encampment had once inhabited.
> "The protesters are... outsiders. Most ponies don't know what to make of them yet."
> Cadance’s analysis seems to placate Anonymous; now his eyes fall on you.
> "Excellent. Thunderlane, you talked to all three of the ponies brought in. What do you make of them?"
> You, in turn, shoot a quick look at Cadance.
> It was no secret Lattice's arrest had shaken her.
> She hid it - perhaps the talk of him being her 'favorite' had gotten to her - but it was there.
"Lattice had both the radios, Master. He was apparently told that he was Cadance's favored on account of a crystal pony, and browbeaten into hiding them in the belief that she would keep his quarters from being searched."
> Rubbing his forehead, Anonymous snorts.
> "What idiots told him we show favor like that...? And what about the other two ponies?"
"They would be the idiots in question. They seem to think Cadance's orders to turn over the radios were just to appease you, not what she really wanted."
> "Delightful. Any cooperation?"
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