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"You need to be as upfront as possible, I think. Tell her what you want. Not what she should want."
> "Afraid she'll just push her own feelings down if I start telling how to think again?"
"No. I'm afraid that if you tell her that she should want somepony better - somepony more her age, somepony who can give her a foal - she will decide those things don't matter, because she thinks she knows who she loves."
> "Hmm."
> Anonymous rubs his chin.
"...forgive me if this is too probing a question, Anonymous - but may I assume you are looking for someone who will be with you for a long time? Forever, possibly?"
> "Forgiven, because it's a fair question. I think you're mostly right, though."
> A gentle smile touches your lips.
"I... suspected as much. After what you have said of Megan's mother."
> He seems to curl in on himself, and you lift a hoof to touch his shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Master, I shouldn't have-"
> "It's fine."
> The clipped tone of his voice seems to suggest otherwise, though, and your head falls:
"Just... I thought that after all you'd been through, you'd be wary of relationships with someone who is-"
> You actually flinch as his hand comes to rest on the back of your neck again.
> "Really, Cadance. I said it was fine. If anyone has the right to talk to me about losing a spouse, it's you. Besides, you're right. I'm not looking to be embarking on any... wild romps with lovers."
> Ears perking somewhat back up again, you cock your head.
"Then that's what you need to tell her. Because she is not just attached, she is devoted to you. She'll be frantic to hold on to what she has - to Mocha Cream, it's going to feel like she is truly losing something without anything gained."
> "I remember what it felt like. How hollow you are when you realize the love... not working."
> You swallow, but nod.
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