The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"What about Rumble?"
> "Rumble?"
> Anonymous frowns deeply, swirling the coffee in his cup.
> "Are you sure? He was one of the ones who ran your plan right up until the end, after all."
"Do you really think he would let anything happen to her? After what was done to Mocha Cream?"
> "No. But that's not what I'm really concerned about. It's..."
> He hesitates, too late recognizing the trap he was talking in to.
> Admit Rumble's resistance to being an obedient slave still bothered him, and that he based 'trust' on obedience.
> Or give, and be willing to risk his daughter being exposed to those thoughts.
> His answer would tell you just how much of his anger over Megan running off to encounter Crescent Moon was real fear for her safety, and how much was fear of what dark truths she might find in the camp.
> To your surprise, however, he gives:
> "...okay, we'll send those two out together. I think Rumble will be happy to spare a bit of time; he's been investing more in the camp lately."
"I'm glad you agree. This is more than just about giving them someone safe to walk around with, after all... but if it will settle your mind, I think one of the griffons could go with him."
> "Does your whole family-as-hierarchy thing extend from Thunderlane to Rumble as well?"
"It may not; he's near fully grown. But they will have their orders, and Rumble's role in them will be made clear. Megan and Flurry, however, are both young and our children. They will be safe."
> Privately, you're curious how the griffons might react to Thunderlane's brother.
> How much will they push their hierarchy on someone they haven't directly tested yet?
> You highly doubted they would hurt Rumble - but how much would they press him?
"Does this sound acceptable to you?"
> "I think so, yes. Those griffons have sharp eyes. They won't be running off again with one of them around."
> Mollified, Anonymous shoots you a smile.
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