The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> When the time comes, one of the other house slaves leads Megan and Flurry Heart down into the camp.
> You're rather surprised that duty didn't fall to Mocha Cream.
> Maybe she wasn't prepared to; you'd heard she was rather distraught by the news that Megan had slipped off the first time...
> Whatever the reason, you keep yourself at a reasonable distance as the handoff occurs.
> The griffon accompanying them is Gretchen - one you'd worked with before.
> She seemed to be a reasonable, if quiet figure.
> Didn't speak much on your patrols so far, but worked quietly and without needing your eye on her back.
> A good choice for this.
> Even now she stands to the side, fierce avian eyes swinging around as Rumble nervously rubs the back of his head.
> "So, uh, Miss Megan, Flurry - where would you like to go first?"
> "Back to the rec-re-a-tion-al place! It was fun there last time!"
> "Uh-huh!"
> "Well, we can - do that, I guess? It might be pretty busy after dinner. Gretchen, right? No problems with you?"
> You cannot hear the griffon hen's answer, but it is apparently in the affirmative as Rumble turns to trot off.
> "Alright. C'mon, I'll tell you the way."
> He is, you are gratified to see, walking alongside the two rather than letting them fall behind - one eye always on them.
> Not giving them a chance to run off.
> Good for him.
> You follow at a respectable distance, keeping to the sides of the streets on muted hooves.
> This late, there were few ponies out - most having retired for what little free time they had before lights-out and sleep.
> Even so a small crew were hard at work carefully repairing the front of one shop; you hold back as the small convoy stops to let Megan and Flurry talk to them.
> This, too, is too far to be really heard - but evidently proceeds smoothly, as they allow Megan to take a paintbrush in hand and add a few strokes.
> hope she isn't getting her clothing dirty...
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