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> You can barely get the name past your lips.
> Much of your brain is still blindly repeating what it knew to be truth, desperately scrambling to repeat the mantra that Shining Armor was dead so that you would not have to face this reality.
> But the rest is recognizing what your eyes were clearly seeing:
> Shining Armor was alive.
> Warm, breathing, thinking alive.
> All thoughts of what he had just done - of what would drive him to try and break into the house, to go after Megan and Flurry -
> The same part of you that wants to give him a good slap across the jaw for this.
> All of that is washed away in a moment.
> The only things that matter was that Shining was alive.
> You leap for him - not in attack, but in to tackle him into an embrace that actually spins the two of you over and over in a tumbling tangle of hooves, wings, and horns.
"You were d-dead, I was sure of it! I c-couldn't believe you were still a-alive, and I thought for sure you were dead-"
> It's the little things that you always remembered about him:
> The way his coat had a little swirl just between the pectorals, not true fluff but something you could stick your nose into and tickle him by swirling it about.
> The scent that you'd always come to associate as slightly iron-ey, even when he was wearing no armor.
> The two-toned blue mane with an omnipresent case of helmet-hair, now grown out into a long and shaggy mess.
> The slight crinkle of his eyes, just below the brow.
> All of that - yes, all of that still here.
> Even if you could see many more unwelcome additions to his appearance:
> You're all too aware of the hard ridges bands of scars criss-crossing his body meant.
> He must have suffered terribly.
> But no more.
> He was here now, and you were never letting go again.
"Oh, Celestia - Celestia, Luna, thank them all - I was all alone and I thought you were never coming back, and I don't know..."
> "C-Cady?"
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