The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You stay like that for who-knows-how-long, just standing against him.
> Eventually you back up, however.
"Wait here."
> Moving a second cot into the cell is easy enough for your magic, and no one questions what you are doing.
> When Shining Armor tries to leap up onto the bed, however, he nearly tumbles over and you are forced to catch him in your magic.
> The look he shoots you is one of protest over the emasculating assistance, but you are not in the mood for questions.
> He must have hung by his forelegs there for hours - while you were resting comfortably in bed, no less! - and you know from personal experience how weak and shaky he would be.
> Shining does not hesitate to take advantage of the cot, however, promptly falling over onto his side with a very audible sigh of relief.
> You settle on the second cot, facing him with sad eyes.
> So many questions whirl through your head.
> What had happened to him?
> How had he survived - both fleeing slavery, and in the misery that his scars hinted at following capture?
> What had happened to Corona, and how did they end up meeting?
> How was she faring now?
> Was she safe?
> Was he safe?
> So many questions - but Shining is not talking, only looking at you with inscrutable eyes.
> Instead, you begin to talk:
> Starting from the very beginning.
> What happened after your capture.
> Being traded from owner to owner, a fancy but useless trophy, until finally Anonymous found you.
"When I first came here, I - I thought a lot the same way. He wasn't thinking of anything but his profit, and we didn't have any option but to resist and escape. He couldn't think of everything so I hatched a plan to get as many ponies as possible out."
> Settling down on your belly, you let your eyes drift - mind wandering back to those days so many months ago.
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