The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> can't hide this from Anonymous indefinitely.
> Sooner or later, it'd end up coming out - and it was time to stand behind what you had told Shining and trust that your Master truly had changed after realizing what he'd done.
> Still, you cannot hide some trepidation as you head back to the manor.
> A quiet suggestion from one of the servants sends you upstairs to Anonymous' study again.
> He was there, slumped in a chair and staring at the far wall.
"Master? You wanted me?"
> "Is it really him, Cadance?”
> You close the door behind you and step to his side.
> At least he didn't smell of alcohol this time.
"Yes. It is definitely my Shining Armor."
> "Hmm."
> Thus follows a period of silence, broken only when he adds:
> "I called in Megan late to school. She needed some time to recover. Didn't sleep well, especially after you left."
> The accusation hits home, but you have more important concerns.
"Anonymous - please believe me on this. I truly, truly trust he did not mean harm to Megan."
> This draws a snort from him and a continued protest from you.
"Please, Master! Listen to me. I know - I know he is angry. I know you just had your child's room broken into; I remember how I felt when I realized Flurry Heart had been taken. But I am begging you: Do not torture him. He believed I was - was helping you subjugate ponies, and meant to flee with Flurry Heart. Not to harm Megan."
> "Delightful. Another pony causing trouble because all they can see in me is the worst possible thing. And why wouldn't that transition to Megan?"
"Because he found a little girl of her own. He says her name is Gracie, and... I wish you had heard him. Shining understands that Gracie is innocent, and I do not think he aimed to hurt Megan either."
> It is, perhaps, something of a stretch.
> Shining had never explicitly said that, after all.
> But neither had he expressed toward Megan any of the visceral disgust he reserved for yourself or Anonymous.
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