The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "So, he only wants to tear out my own guts."
"I - would not put it so violently..."
> Another hefty snort.
> Circling around to the front of the seat, you drop to your haunches in front of it and give him your best pleading expression.
"He is angry, yes. But he is not blind. And he has good reason to be angry, too-"
> "Oh, what the hell could that be?"
"Corona told him."
> From your position directly in front of the seat, you can see the exact moment when those words make their way into Anonymous' ears.
> He stiffens, jerks forward, eyes wide-
> "She's alive?"
"Alive... but not well. She is scarred, in mind and body. So desperate to flee that she had her cutie marks... removed by a doctor. Just so you couldn't find her. Couldn't claim her. Shining said she is still plagued by nightmare-visions of what you did to her."

> You feel as if the world has fallen away around you.
> Blood rushing up into your ears.
> She was - alive.
> Really, truly alive.
> "Can you imagine, Anonymous, what kind of fear and horror drives a pony to do that?"
> You can't.
> Not really.
> It was more than just cutting, it was killing a very part of their identity.
> The mechanics or logic behind cutie marks might not be something you understood, but you were well aware of the weight they carried for ponies.
> After all, your business was based on leveraging those identities.
"Alive... how?"
> A million things could be meant by that.
> How had she managed to leave the camp?
> How had she survived outside, in her weakened state?
> How had she and Shining Armor have come to cross paths?
> Or perhaps even how could you have been so angry to want a pony utterly crushed the way you had tried to crush her?
> Leaning forward, you press both your palms into your face and draw a shaky breath.
"She cut her fucking marks off... And then Shining Armor found her, God, of course he did."
> "Yes. She did. And then you had him hung in chains too; more torment has not improved his opinion."
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