The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You're too shaken to respond to the accusation.
"How did they cross paths, do you know?"
> The last thing you needed to find out is that Shining had somehow been involved in however she'd gotten out.
> "Apparently they are both owned by the same person. She carried the secret for a long time, but eventually told him everything."
> That is befuddling enough to get you to lift your head from your hands.
"Shining Armor, resister-supreme, who broke into my house to get his daughter out, has an owner?"
> "It would seem so. He was tortured nearly to the end, Anonymous - the sort of thing you did to Corona. They wanted to see him break too."
> You can only imagine what he had gone through.
> If one unremarkable mare had resisted you so fiercely, what had they done to try and break him?
> "I don't know how close together their owner found them, but he did. And they bonded, perhaps as two ponies who had suffered through so much. Bonded with their owner, too."
"Now you're just shitting me."
> "Not everyone, Anonymous, sees us as... things to be acquired. Used for profit."
"I don't see you as things!"
> Cadance's flat look tells you exactly what she thinks of that claim.
> "Yes. That is why Shining Armor was nursed back to health from being nearly dead. That is why they work together, not with his owner merely directing ponies to carry out jobs. Anonymous, you may not be the worst owner out there; I acknowledge that. But you are not the kindest either."
"...let's just move on."
> "Hmph. Well, there is not much more to tell. Eventually Corona could not carry her secret any more."
"And she told him."
> Flopping back in the chair, you let your head roll back to face the ceiling.
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