The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I'll be honest with you, Cadance. My daughter's room was just broken into. Regardless of what you say his intentions were, someone just got into my house, into my child's room, and I can't say nothing would have happened to her. This isn't about slavery, this is about feeling so helpless that your kid was almost attacked. I want to go down there and beat him senseless. Or worse. Get the prod, the irons, hoof crusher..."
> Your fingers arch into claws, grasping at air for something - someone - to throttle.
> Drawing a sucking breath, you try to stem the flow of words.
> Cadance shifts, and even without speaking, even without looking at her, you can still hear her silent accusation:
> 'Now you know how we feel.'
> Even more than that, though, you are angered by the realization that your realization that your anger could not be blown off.
"But... I can't do that, because it'd be Corona all over again. Just stuck in an endless fucking loop, me venting my rage on one of you. Going apeshit and then realizing just what the hell I'd done but it'd be too late again... Fuck!"
> You slam your fist down on the chair's arm - just in time for one of the house ponies peering in through the door to catch it.
> He flinches back.
> "Ah - Master, forgive me if this is not a good moment, but you asked to be told when Randall would arrive..."
"It's - it's fine. Thank you."
> Still, though, you don't get up and moving until Cadance takes your hand and gently leads you down to the conference room.
> Randall is already waiting there, Posey resting at his side.
> "Good morning, Anonymous."
> Your mumbled reply gains a questioning look from Randall, who folds his arms on the table.
> "Now, I don't need working eyes to know that something is rather wrong here today. If I can ask what it is..."
> Rather than answer, you sink into one of the seats and rub your eyes again.
"Cadance, would you...?"
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