The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> She does - catching Randall up on what has happened since the prior night.
> To your immense and utter relief, no mention is made of Corona or what you had done to her.
> Still, Randall continues to watch with an ever-more surprised look as the story is told.
> When Cadance reaches the end he shakes his head.
> "That is quite the conundrum you have yourself in now."
"Tell me about it. I know this probably isn't your area of law specialty, but is there any advice you can give?"
> "Well, you're going to have to send him back to the owner or the police so they can handle it, but you've got grounds for a civil suit against his owner at the very least. Possibly a more serious criminal offense, if he knowingly brought Shining Armor here for-"
> "There's no criminal case."
> One of your eyebrows rises questioningly.
"And since when are you an expert on our law, Cadance?"
> Unlike when you usually challenge her, she does not back down but meets your eye evenly.
> "No expert, Master. But Randall just said, if he knowingly brought Shining Armor here... without that, there is no case, correct?"
> It takes a second for the meaning of what she says to click.
"Oh, for fucks' sake - I'm sheltering a runaway now too?!"
> "He couldn't simply stand by when he heard what I was doing!"
> Politely clearing his throat, Randall looks about.
> "If I can ask - it seems there is something more going on here, some other point of this that I am missing...?"
> It's a leading question if you've ever seen one.
> And despite there being every reason not to want to answer, you've come to respect and even trust him.
"There was... a pony. Before the dinner where we first met. Corona. She was part of the escape that took place..."
> Randall listens calmly as you lay out the story.
> Posey was listening too, you notice, her ears laid flat but eyes locked on you.
> When you reach the end, Randall reaches down to find her head and rub between her ears.
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