The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Mane falling in a curtain that obscures her eyes, Cadance sinks towards the floor.
> "...but I can't bear the thought of sending him away, either. I can't."
> Unbidden you reach down, stroking the back of her head.
> Despite herself, Cadance leans into the comforting touch.
> Across the table, Randall stirs in his seat.
> "I am in no position to tell you how to manage your property, Anonymous. But if I can make a suggestion?"
"Please do."
> "Allowing this issue to linger may lead to a resolution, but it will be hard for all involved. I should have focused on what Haute Glamour was doing to my ponies, rather than letting her handle things."
> Posey shifts unhappily at those memories, rearing up a bit to press her head into Randall's hand.
> "Shining doesn't like you because he has only heard one side of the story. Show him another."
> It's an idea.
> You... well, you had told Cadance you would be restraining yourself with regard to him.
> Not that it would be easy.
> But maybe that was exactly what he needed to see?
> That you weren't the kind of asshole who had tormented Shining Armor - or Corona - so much?
> If he'd be willing to see it.
> Then again, he had apparently been talking to Cadance and that was apparently a step up from the vitriol he'd been spewing at her the past night?

Do we go see Shining now, try to talk with him? Or is that too much for the moment? Perhaps at all; maybe you shouldn't try talking to Shining Armor period.
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