The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Not right now, I don't think. I'm... it's still too raw. From all of this. By the end of the day, though."
> You pull a breath in through your nose, tapping on the arm of one chair.
"I get one good shot at this. I don't think Shining will give me another. So we take it carefully. In the meantime, there's a lot of other work we have to do still. Finding out who the hell owns him, for one. And I'm going to make an announcement, word of this will have gotten out soon enough."
> "Not to mention our meeting before any of this came up."
> Grimacing, you nod.
"I'm not trying to blow you off, Randall. Sorry if it seemed that way. Can you at least hold until I get the announcement out? I'd prefer not to leave speculation running rampant for too long."
> "Of course! Please, go deal with what you have to."
> In the end, you leave any mention of Shining Armor out of the announcement.
> Or, his name anyhow.
> Just that there had been a break-in to your house, into Megan and Flurry's room.
> And that there was only one pony, and so there would be no need to fear further... issues.
> Even so, you could still feel the issue looming on your mind throughout the morning.
> That returns full-throttle when you rise go to take Megan to school.
> More accurately, when Flurry tearfully begs you to go with her mistress.
> Sighing, you drop to one knee and put a hand to her cheek.
"Flurry, you know I can't really let you do that. It'd be too much of a distraction for the other little girls in the classroom."
> "But I can't... I don't wan't Mistress Megan to go 'way!"
> Oh, God damn it.
> She's actually crying.
> Megan is giving you The Eyes Of Requesting too, but that you can resist.
> A sobbing little filly, though...
"I tell you what. If I let you come in the car with us, will that be enough?"
> "Yes, Master! Please!"
> "Yes, daddy!"
"But you have to let her go in when we get there. And Megan, you have to go in. Understand?"
> "Uh-huh!"
> "Yes, Master!"
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