The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> A wing-twitch here, a flick of the tail there-
"Hey. You going to be okay?"
> "Yeah, I..."
> Eyes flick back and forth, nostrils flared wide.
> Wings half-spread - wasn't that what he'd done with the griffons too?
> An aggression display?
> Why-?
"Thunderlane... are you scared of him?"
> "It's... fuck, yeah. I kind of am."
> Huffing softly, he looks away from you.
> "Being tossed around like that last night. I dunno. I'm used to be able to... keep ponies safe. But if Cadance hadn't come down in time, I wouldn't have been enough-"
"No. Don't let me hear 'what-ifs'. You can drown yourself with those. You put my daughter's safety before your own, and that's all I can ask. Understand?"
> Shuffling his wings again, Thunderlane finally manages to get them settled back down.
> "I guess."
"You should know. This has got us all shaken up; you, me, everyone. But I trust you're still up to the task at hand, and that you'd tell me if you weren't. Am I right, Thunderlane?"
> "Yeah."
> Twisting his head back and forth dog-like, Thunderlane nods.
> "Yeah, I'm good. I can deal with it."
"And with me, I hope."
> He doesn't answer, which you take as an affirmative.
> The cell door opens smoothly on its hinges, letting you get the first real look at the stallion since the frantic chaos in the bedroom.
> Shining Armor is a well-built specimen, even despite all he'd been through.
> His white coat was dirtied in a few places, and that mane was so shaggy it fell far enough to nearly conceal his shoulders.
> Which, you suppose, had been something of the point.
> Shining Armor was also asleep at this particular moment, curled on a cot with his legs as close up to his chest as the shackles they bear will allow.
> Not that his rest lasts long; barely have you stepped into the room before his eyes snap open and he rolls from the bed onto his hooves.
> He winces when he lands, limbs failing him a moment and requiring a few awkward steps before he is stable.
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