The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Then what is there to talk about? You admit it all."
"Flurry Heart. For starters."
> His face tightens again.
"I... I can understand that, too. You don't know this, but my wife and I... aren't close anymore. She wasn't a good person, and I almost lost my daughter to her. I wouldn't have ever gotten her back the same. So, I can understand that too - not wanting your daughter to be... well, you'd see it as turned into another servant of someone who did something so cruel."
> "Is that why you came here? To brag to me?"
> You can practically hear his teeth grinding.
"No. I came here, because I want you to - just for a second - think about this from my perspective. Not as a slaveowner. Not as a your enemy. I want to talk to you, father-to-father, as someone who is also very worried about his daughter."
> "I don't think-"
"You broke into my house, Shining Armor. You went into my daughter's room. Cadance says you didn't mean to hurt her, but for me..."
> A hand rises to run through your hair.
"...the reason I'm only just getting around to talking to you now, is that I wanted to let my anger cool off a little bit more. So I wouldn't do anything really bad to you."
> For the first time, he actually seems surprised.
> Just for the briefest moment, you see his eyes shift in confusion.
> They're quickly back to a narrowed questioning, searching to try and figure out your angle.
> You grin a touch.
"I told you, Shining. I want to talk. Not torture you, not argue. Talk. For my daughter, I'd do anything. If Thunderlane or Cadance hadn't been there, I'd have thrown myself between you to protect her."
> "And what about my Flurry Heart?"
"I'd have put myself between her and someone threatening too."
> It hadn't been what he meant, clearly, but Shining is also obviously taken aback by this.
> "I..."
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