The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Flurry isn't my daughter. But she's damn close. So yes, I would have saved both of them if you had been... anyone else, really."
> "What is your point?"
"I want you to understand two things. The first is simple: What I did to Corona... it was wrong. What I did to her there is no excuse for; I knew that the second I realized what I'd done, and part of me thinks the best thing for her would be for her to just never to come back."
> "You've already followed her out there. In her memories."
> Shining Armor's tail is swishing angrily.
> "You know who else I've seen with those kinds of nightmares? Guardsponies, who came back from battle. That's what you did to her. It haunts her."
"Yes. I believe it, Shining. I know it. And that's why I'm not chasing after her. Why I - can't. I - I know it's too late for her. But I swear to you, I have - changed. Become better. You can believe me - or not. Hell, just take a good look around."
> Sitting in one place suddenly feels too constricting; you rise and begin pacing back and forth as far as the cell allows.
"You might have only just "gotten here", but Copper Dust has been here a while. Long enough for you to see that this place isn't like the hell-holes you've been through."
> This produces a heavy snort from him.
> You pause in place, one eyebrow raised.
"Do you really think you could do that to me, if I was like any of them?"
> Rather than admit defeat, he just stares at you impassively.
> You shrug, and move on.
"...look. You don't like that I'm a slaveowner. But - Shining, that's the second thing I want you to understand. I want you to look at what I'm building here, really look at it, and tell me - is it honestly the same as what you went through?"
> Before he can intercede, you add:
"I know, I know. A pony was whipped here - but not because he didn't swear he loves serving me or something. Do you think for a second, for a single second, Cadance would stand by if I did that?"
> "She did when you tortured Corona."
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