The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Yes... she did. Because I forced her hoof, exactly once. And it almost broke what we had built. If I did again? No way. She tears herself up over doing just this much."
> If this was a game of chicken, Shining Armor just flinched.
> His eyes fall from you, expression turning distraught at that idea.
> You seize on the opportunity, leaning in again.
"What I'm building here is better - infinitely better than any of the places where you were. Yes, ponies here work. But is that so bad? Cadance tells me you've found someone you can trust-"
> "You are nothing like him!"
> It's the first time you'd heard Shining really yell, and sends you jerking back on the stool.
> "He - he took care of me! Even when I was too weak to work, too sick to be of help, he was right there by my side all the time. The same with Corona: He helped her through all the time she was blind with fear because of some nightmare."
> Snarling, he raises a hoof to jab it in your direction.
> "You don't care. You've just found a cheaper way to keep ponies feeding your wallet. So you can live in that big fancy house while they work day in and out."
"I know we're not the same, Shining. But I do care. I'm sure you've heard what happened to Mocha Cream. Is that what you'd expect of an owner who just wanted workers?"
> A touch of bitterness had entered into your voice, and in the corner of your eye you see Thunderlane inching forward.
> Shining sees it to, shaking his head.
> "That's - that's not the point. What about all the ponies out there, in the camp? Can you say the same for all of them?"
"It's damn near two-thousand ponies out there. I can't know all of them face-to-face. But you know what else it is? Two thousand ponies who don't fear, don't tremble in terror or hide when I pass. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Wouldn't you prefer your daughter be helping lead that?"
> "No, I wouldn't. I'd prefer she be free!"
"That's not a choice here!"
> "Why not? Because you decided it isn't?!"
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