The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2018-05-12 01:01:40 No. 32356338

"Because I need something to give Megan!"
> You're standing, leaning over Shining.
> Who is also stood as tall as he can be, glaring right back.
"You're right: I do want Flurry to help Megan run this place, because everything about it I’ve built for her. To give her something she can be proud of, when it's time."
> "Built on our backs!"
> "Enough! Both of you, enough."
> Thunderlane finally straps in, wings rising to push both of you back.
> Grimacing, you fall back onto the stool.
"...right. Yeah. Sorry."
> "Do you need some time off, Master?"
"No, I..."
> Your fist clenches, unclenches, clenches again, and finally falls limp at your side.
"...I'm good."
> He looks to Shining Armor, who says nothing but settles back on his haunches.
"Look at me, Shining. I... if I'm really a tyrant, could Thunderlane do that to me?"
> "What do you want from me?"
> His growled question draws a sigh from you.
"For right now... I need to figure out who owns you. So I can start getting you back home. Otherwise, the police are going to come crawling up my ass for dealing with you."
> "You'll come looking for Corona."
"I'm not interested in chasing her. She's... nothing I can do would undo the damage. I don't want to drag her back here kicking and screaming."
> "Swear it."
"You'll take the word of a slaver?"
> "Swear it on your daughter's life. You won't try to take Corona. Actually, you won't come looking for her at all. Give her up."

Do we just flatly promise this? Or is it not something we can be sure of just yet? Do we want to apologize to her, either directly or by message? Or perhaps we want to go even further, and give over our ownership information for Corona?
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