The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2018-05-13 01:38:37 No. 32362467
>Our response
I think it's perfectly agreeable to go that extra mile and agree to turn over legal ownership to Shiny's owner. We certainly have done enough damage to Corona, if she is happy where she is we won't dare take that away. Ignore the comment about swearing on our daughter's life if we can, it's far too much for him to ask in his position but there's no need to call him out on it either. I think we should also write a letter of apology, as worthless as it might be or possibly more damaging, it might also do good for Corona to know that her demon has nothing but regret for what he has done to her. I'm not sure on this one.

there's two points I would like to ask Shining IC

1. Cadance once told us that Shining would sooner die than submit to slavery. That the reason she hadn't heard from him so long was because he had to have either been killed or broken so much he wouldn't be him anymore. Yet now here we are, he a slave to an owner. However kind his owner is or however much he treats him like an equal, he's still a slave just as much as anyone else, while the rest of ponykind suffers under bondage. What made him choose to give up the fight and settle down with Corona and Anon, rather than escape and keep rebelling? Might make a good segway to learn more about Shiny Anon

2. He says he wishes for Flurry to be free rather than being made a 'tyrant' here. That he'd prefer her to have an option to do what she chooses. However, how much more 'free' would she be back when she was a princess? Could she be allowed to abandon her duties and follow the life of a baker, or a librarian? Or would she have been forced to do the same role as her mother and be a leader? It might be a point to make that, at least as far as Flurry goes, she didn't really have a lot of options but to be a LEADER no matter where she found herself. At at least here, in this community, she and her mother get to be what they were always meant to be: leaders for their ponies.

!F9CBa509ak 2018-05-15 10:31:07 No. 32375910

> You don't answer that.
> You can't, not just yet.
> Instead you look away.
"...Cadance told me - that you said she's happier now."
> It takes him a moment to realize what you mean, but Shining nods.
> "Yes. Corona is. Away from you, away from anyone who sees her as just a slave."
"I'm... glad for her."
> They had given her what you were fairly sure you couldn't have.
> Comfort.
> It would have taken years before Corona would view you with anything but unmitigated terror, and even then her feelings would likely only have been reduced to a simmering hatred.
> What must his owner be like to disarm her so?
"Can I ask you a question first, Shining Armor? Cadance once told me she thought you were dead, because if you were alive you'd still be fighting or broken so badly you wouldn't be yourself anymore."
> You pause a moment, then add:
"...well, I guess we both underestimated their ability to hide you. But now here you are, a slave to another... and you're defending him. Shining... what made you change? Why give up? Was she wrong, or was it something else?"
> Shining doesn't answer, instead just turning away, huffing softly and shifting on the cot with the soft clink of chains.
> Being entirely honest with yourself you didn't really expect him to.
"I'm just... trying to understand."
> "So you can turn this place into an even bigger farm filled with complacent ponies, ready to do your bidding? It won't work."
"Maybe not. But if I can just understand, then maybe that's another layer of control I don't need to use anymore-"
> Another powerful, dismissive snort.
"But... fine. In answer to your earlier question, I can't swear on my daughter's life. I can't give you that oath any more than you could swear on Flurry Heart's life."
> The stallion lays his head down on crossed legs.
"I don't know a lot about your journey. I'd like to know, but we tried looking before and couldn't find much. And I'm pretty sure the files on 'Copper Dust'-"
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