The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Raising the sheaf of papers you'd brought down, you waggling them in his direction.
"-are a pile of bullshit too. But in the end, I don't need your cooperation to find out where you came from."
> "Right. You'll just try to beat it out of me instead."
> Shining's comment drives you to throw up your hands, scattering papers in the air as anger floods through you again.
"Oh, for fuck's sake! Will you stop assuming I am going to have you tortured at the drop of a hat?!"
> Struggling back upright, Shining jabs a hoof in your direction.
> "Assume? I look at you having ponies whipped for 'supporting rebellion', look at what you did to Corona, look at that you had me hung up by my rutting hooves and would have left me there to rot until morning if Cadance hadn't come to see me! I know what the score is; I'm a rebel, a threat to your perfect order. I broke in with a disguise and you need to find out who gave it to me. So just start in already-"
> "Shut up!"
> Very unexpectedly, Thunderlane had leaped up and now interposed himself directly in front of Shining - forehooves on the bed to bring himself practically nose-to-nose with the other pony.
> "I've seen Anonymous do a lot of really, really harsh things. But he's always been clear about it. Listen to him. He's not threatening you. Okay? Listen!"
> Once he is certain Shining isn't going to snap again, Thunderlane backs off and looks to you.
> You, however, are not in a particular state to continue.
> Hung up by his hooves.
> Right.
> That had happened.
> Teetering your way back to the stool, you slump back down on it.
"...yeah. Okay. Y'know what, you've actually got a little bit of a point. But Thunderlane's right too. I'm not threatening you; if I wanted to find your owner I'd just have a fresh medical done and do a bit more searching around based on that."
> Lifting your head you jab a finger at him.
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