The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"But you know what? I'm not trying to hunt you or whatever you did to get in here. I'm trying to give your master Corona."
> Shining shakes his head.
> "She's not yours to give. I know what the laws are, why she came the way out to us. You can't chase her now; she doesn't have any identification. You don't have any proof-"
"I have money, which when you get down to it means I have the law."
> "What the hell does that mean?"
"You broke into my home. I've spoken to a lawyer and he says I have a pretty good case. If I wanted to, I could drag a case out - and I'd bet your owner will run out of funds before I do. Or hell, I find another way to prove Corona's ownership."
> Okay, that's an exaggeration.
> A severe one; you have no idea if you could get your hands on Corona again.
> "So we're down to threats now. I knew you weren't-"
"No. No threats. Just making a point of what I could do... and what I'm not going to. Whether I have to have a full medical check done on you or you just tell me, I will find out who you came from - and I will hand over the full ownership documentation for Corona. So that she knows I have no interest in ever pursuing her again. I will swear to that."
> "That would mean you couldn't come after her? Ever?
"Ever. And she would know it, too. She'd be able to rest at night without ever worrying about me finding her."
> His jaw working soundlessly, Shining drops back his haunches on the bed - tail swishing thoughtfully.
"That's all I want. To just - let her go. Let her be happy. Nothing good would come of chasing her again, and I-"
> Your jaw clamps hard, taking a second until you're ready to speak again.
"- I want to let this go. Let her go. I'd actually even like to send a letter with you, when you go back. You can read it first, or your owner can, just to make sure I'm not hiding anything."
> "That won't help her. Won't fix her. It's not so easy to undo what you did."
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