The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Is that wrong of me, Shining Armor? To want to protect them? You were in the Royal Guard. Tell me, please - is it wrong?"
> "Why are you arguing with me?"
> You sigh.
> So much for making a connection.
"Because I don't want you to get stuck on yourself. You scared the shit out of me, what you did... but I also thought Copper Dust was a good stallion. Maybe a bit too jumpy, a bit too driving... but ultimately a good pony. A pony who cared. Was that just part of your disguise?"
> No response comes, not even a movement.
> He just lays there, ears down and even tail still.
> You sigh, rising to turn and leave.
> Abruptly Shining raises his voice from behind you:
> "Wait."
> You turn your head back, looking at him questioningly.
> He is half-propped up on the cot and giving you an uncertain look.
> "You... I... I don't know. Maybe Cady is right. Maybe I did die back there. Or enough of me died inside I'm not the same pony anymore."
> Now you turn fully around, head cocked.
"What do you mean?"
> "When - when my master found me... I was pretty close to the end. They couldn't beat me into groveling, so the last one had just stopped feeding me, washing me, cleaning my waste... anything. I don't think I would have lasted more than another couple weeks, or even a few days."
> With slow, cautious steps you come back to the cot's side.
> Shining Armor's eyes are distant, his voice soft.
> "Maybe I was already gone. The hunger was... everything. I slept in my own filth, when I could sleep at all. The nightmares kept me from getting much. Nothing seemed to matter anymore."
"Then he came and took you. Your master."
> A bob of his head sends Shining's unkempt mane swinging.
> "He chose me. Out of all the ponies there, he chose me."
"Do you know why?"
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