The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Not really. To work, he told me later... but that can't be it. There were better ponies there for just working. And he took me home, he said he didn't even want to talk about that. Just gave me something to eat and washed all of the filth off me himself and gave me his own bed to sleep in and-"
> Just the memories alone are enough to draw Shining Armor to tears, his sides heaving in little sobs.
> Not that you looked down on him for that.
> Nothing you or Rumble had ever experienced compared; you held no illusions that you hadn't been fantastically lucky in your experience.
> "You can't understand how that feels. To be completely, totally, helpless. A step away from giving up and just laying down to die. Even when he fed me, I thought it was just so he could work me... to be like that, and then have someone show you that kind of kindness."
> Another long pause while Shining gathers himself.
> "It was the same thing with Corona. He didn't have to take her. He didn't have to help her when he found out how hurt she was. When she finally opened her heart up to him, he didn't have to-"
> Biting his tongue, Shining shakes his head.
> "Your owner, here - he doesn't see you as anything but tools. Something he can give to his daughter. Two thousand ponies, but in his mind you're all just something he can get rich with."
"That is not true."
> Shining just rolls his eyes.
> "He wanted to know why I'm okay with my master? He cares. He shows us he does. Maybe I did change back there, but I wouldn't have if he didn't show that kind of kindness. Can you name one time your Master did something only out of honest, real kindness and not because it makes the ponies here more placid and obedient, Thunderlane?"

Can we do name something Anonymous has done for the camp out of real, genuine kindness and not business acumen? Or at least, something that can be spun as such?
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