The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Honestly? Yes. Yes I can."
> Extending a wing, you reach out to tap one of your primaries with each point you make:
"One. You know the community center with the museum? He didn't want to build that. He was afraid it would encourage rebellion. But he did it anyway, because we voted on it using money freed up when he fired the guards who were mistreating us and let us watch ourselves instead. He gave us the money, when there was absolutely no call for him to do that."
> Another feather is tapped.
"But maybe that's not really kind enough. Have you seen Mocha Cream? Young unicorn mare, kind of flighty, walks with a limp? When she was attacked - attacked for just carrying out her duties - a 'business' decision would have been to just get rid of her. He didn't, though. He paid for her treatment, even when she came back disabled. Isn't that what you were praising your master for doing?"
> Shining looks ready to interject, but you just keep going:
"Is that too close to him, though? What about how he's buying up ponies' family members where they're found, even if they're older and not able to work that well? It's not very businesslike, is it? Or how he pulls ponies off of their normal jobs when it's time to bring new ones in, so the new ones don't have to be afraid they're being shipped to a death camp?"
> On and on you go, point after point.
> His very real anger when he'd discovered guards were abusing ponies, more than just at the sabotage of his business.
> How he had gotten Windy Winters to a better buyer, for coming to his senses.
> The way he'd rejected Haute Glamour and everything she had stood for - exactly the kind of behavior Shining feared.
> Letting real Equestrian history be shown in the rec hall's 'museum', against his own intuition.
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