The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2018-05-25 11:05:29 No. 32422366

> ...well.
> Just straight up asking her would only make Vapor Trail defensive - entirely understandably!
> No, you need to go about this more softly.
> She's your marefriend, not your therapist!
> Nuzzling back into her side, you sigh softly.
"I can tell I'm not the only one with something on my mind. You know you can always speak to me, too."
> "Yeah."
> Vapor slips Sunbreak beneath a leg and rolls over to face you, carefully tucking the foal in between the two of you.
> For Sunbreak's part, she yawns, stretches her little wings with a tiny flutter, and then goes back to sleep.
> You wait a moment before giggling helplessly at the gesture; Vapor Trail soon joins in.
> "You're right. There is a lot on my mind. This... this is going to change a lot, and I'm still not sure where I stand."
"With your... friends?"
> "With ponies who want to be free, yes."
> She shuffles her wings a bit.
> "Ponies are talking already, and - Thunderlane? Is Anonymous going to hurt Shining Armor?"
> A suspicion is already growing at the back of your head as to what she is asking about, and so you decide to gamble and answer honestly:
"No. He's - very much holding himself back like that. He's a father too, you know, and I think he really understands what drove Shining to do that."
> Vapor releases her breath in a soft hiss.
> "Truly?"
> "There was a rumor going around that somepony was going to escape. Now, with what Shining did..."
> You nod.
"Yeah. Do you think somepony else is going to try it?"
> "No... but some ponies are scared. Scared that Anonymous will find them, and they'll be punished."
"I think - I'll talk to him. Anonymous shouldn't have been so short on details when he admitted something had happened this morning. I'll tell him that he needs to show Shining isn't being tortured. That should calm some fears."
> "...thank you. I think it would calm a lot of ponies’ fears."
> Including hers, no doubt.
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