The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You tap a hoof on the table in thought.
"Honestly, Lattice... I understand you being scared of telling. But if you want an answer on this, you're going to have to give me a reasonable idea of what this is first. I'm not a delivery service; I report things that I know might be problematic."
> "There's no way you'll understand-"
"Maybe I won't. I understand you want to talk to Shining Armor specifically - but Lattice, I need you to tell me first. Then I can get you in, if it really is that important."
> The stallion frowns, his hoof drawing slow circles on the table.
> "I..."
"Either that, or I go ask Shining Armor if he knows what it is first. If he agrees, I'll take that as confirmation... but if he doesn't, then we're back to square one and I have nothing. Do you think he'd really know?"
> "Look - I... I'll tell you, okay? But only you, and then you decide."
> This stallion is really sweating.
> If not for the fact that his coat already gleamed and glimmered with muted crystalline reflections, you'd say he was absolutely soaked with sweat.
> "And not here. Somewhere private."
"I can unlock a room for us. If you'll tell?"
> His head hangs, locks falling low to the table.
> " promise to give me a chance to talk to him?"
"If it's that serious? I'll do all I can."
> "Fine."
> Rising to his hooves, Lattice looks around.
> "Where are we going?"
> You decide to use one of the storerooms, currently unused on account of the lunch shift.
> Jokes about two stallions vanishing into a locked room aside, you also make sure the door is secured before turning to him.
> After all you had a bad history with mysterious tip-offs.
> As soon as he starts to talk you realize this has almost nothing to do with the current camp situation.
> Or at least, very little to do with it.
> Enough for him to be reasonable in his concern.
> He makes his way through his reasons, and by the end you're sitting on your haunches.
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