The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You take a seat on the bed, and the ponies form a sort of semicircle in front of you.
> Despite the fact that you won't be the one telling the story, this feels like nothing so much as an interrogation.
> Cadance takes up a place next to Shining Armor; within moments, her wing is out and over his withers.
> On her far side, Thunderlane; Lattice sits alone.
> At least, until you reach out and rub his shoulder in what you hope is a reassuring gesture.
"What, exactly is going on here that I can't even be told?"
> "A-Are you familiar, Master, with why there are so few crystal unicorns?"
> Your brows knit.
"I am not."
> Lattice sags despite the touch on his shoulder.
> "There used to be. Until S-Sombra. Until the long winter."
> It takes you a moment to comprehend what he means.
> Thunderlane looks equally confused; Cadance and Shining Armor, however-
> When it does hit you, however, it settles over your back like an icy, leaden weight.
"But - fucking hell! I heard it was just - just mind control. Not - genocide!"
> "Magic could undo magic. From what I have gathered, Sombra saw threats in every shadow near the end. Any unicorn was a spark to rebellion."
> That in a soft voice from Cadance, echoed by a nod from Lattice.
> "So he removed the threat. Those who would not serve him willingly were - culled first. Those who turned on their neighbors to spare each other were next; for if they would betray once, they would betray again."
"Then how-"
> Too late you realize that might not be the best question to drop.
> But then, that must be the key to what Lattice was finding so hard to tell.
"How are you here?"
> "I don't know. Blind luck, perhaps, that he did not label us traitors too."
> He sinks the rest of the way to the floor, legs folding as they can no longer hold his weight.
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