The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Us - my family. They served him loyally. We don't remember much from that time; no crystal pony does. Too many shadows in our minds. But enough can be found out..."
> Swallowing hard, he flicks his eyes up to the Cadance and her husband.
> "When the tyrant king was destroyed and our eyes were opened, not everypony was willing to forget who worked for him. Some remembered what we'd done."
> Lattice lights his horn and carefully unfurls the kerchief about his neck.
> There, nested carefully within, hangs a glittering stone - pure and clear, but for a three-pronged flame of midnight blue and sickly green spearing it through the middle.
> "The symbol of my house. The last memory I have of them. I hate what they did, but we were family too."
> "Forgive us, Lattice... we did not protect you."
> He shakes his head sharply, but she perseveres.
> "It wasn't your fault. Sombra was - everywhere. I only faced him for such a short time, but even so it was all I could do. You don't have to-"
> "And that is why I could not ask you, Your Highness. I knew you would say that. I had to ask His Highness Shining Armor."
> Immediately Cadance's head snaps around, glaring at Shining Armor.
> You, however, preempt her:
"And I assume that your question was whether you should keep this information to yourself?"
> "Yes, Master. If ponies found out who I was - if I started drawing attention to myself..."
> He shifts nervously, tail flicking and a hoof dragging on the hard cell floor.
> "'d only be trouble. They might come after me. I heard what happened to Mocha Cream; everything they said about her would be true about me."
"But not now. Hell, I can attest to that."
> "Would the kind of pony who'd attack me listen to what you say, Master?"
> He does have a point there.
"Does Tourmaline Twist know?"
> "I don't know. Maybe. I haven't told her much."
"Is she going to come after you?"
> Shining Armor snorts softly.
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