The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "She had better not. Another crystal pony, she should know what it was like with Sombra."
> Lattice nods, adding in:
> "I think she will be more sympathetic. Other ponies..."
"Is that why you hid the radio? To - prove somehow, that you weren't my lackey?"
> "Yes, Master."
> That is mumbled more softly; your hand rises from his shoulder to squeeze the bridge of your nose.
"God damn it, Lattice, why didn’t you tell me? I could have - have arranged something from the start!"
> He doesn't answer, but the reason comes to you again.
" thought I'd insist you work with me again."
> "Yes, Master."
> By now his voice is barely a whisper.
"And this is why you want money you make issued back to the camp. Because you're terrified they'll think you're just enriching yourself...
> "Yes, Master."
> It's starting to sound like the chorus to a song by now.
> "And why I had to ask Shining Armor. He - he's been through a lot, because he wouldn't give up who he was or hide to fit in. He suffered, and I hid."
> You scoot back on the cell's cot a bit further and rub your eyes a bit more.
"I still wish you had told me all of this to begin with, Lattice. Especially after I let you off the hook for running the crystal growth project, I thought you understood me well enough."
> "I should have, Master."
> Grunting at that, you turn back to Shining Armor - who is also still getting something of a glare from his wife.
"And you, I suppose, told him to demand that he should demand his profits go back to the camp instead."
> "I told him that he shouldn't be afraid of what happened in the past if he isn't doing it now. I have always hated ponies who collaborated just to get ahead-"
> Here Lattice winces, but Shining still goes on.
> "-but that Lattice didn't have to be that, as long as he kept looking out for other ponies. Doing it right here was not my idea."
> You shoot a look back at Thunderlane and Lattice each.
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