The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I'm almost a little sorry I already told you I wasn't going to give a punishment for this, because it's really out of hand. Now, there's one last thing I am wondering: Lattice, you're insisting that I pay back some of your extra profits into the camp. But, what extra profits?"
> Instead of answering directly he forces himself upright to his hooves.
> Laying the crystal totem on the ground atop the kerchief, he stares it at a moment and pulls a few shaky breaths before lighting his horn with a blazing aurora.
> "Wait, Lattice don't-"
> It's too late.
> Despite Cadance's cry, Lattice's horn is glaringly bright - sending coruscating rainbows gleaming from his obsidian coat.
> You are too shocked to do anything at all.
> If this had been an assassination attempt, it'd be all over.
> It isn't, though.
> Instead, when you blink your vision clear Lattice is swaying over the remnants of his totem.
> Or, not the same totem.
> For now a fourth spur of crystal has been added, growing branch-like from the three-lobed center of it.
> Despite his eyes staring vaguely into the distance a wide grin splits Lattice's face.
> "It worked, didn't it? Hard - hard to do. But I've still got i-"
> You're off the bed just in time to catch Lattice as he tumbles over, his head landing full in your lap with eyes rolling up.
"Stunts aren't needed to prove stuff, Lattice! Thunderlane, go get some water for him!"
> "I'll... I'll be fine, Master."
> Running your fingers along his neck finds his pulse regular, if weak.
> You brush his mane back and shake your head in disbelief.
"Looks like you're lucky enough that you actually will. Don't ever do that again, Lattice!"
> "S-Sorry, Master."
> Swallowing hard, the stallion finally lets his eyes flutter shut - sides now dripping with sweat from his exertion and nostrils flared to pant heavily.
> "I h-had to know. If it could work still. If it really was just my fear stopping me."
"Is it always going to be like this?"
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