The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "No. I c-can do it slower. Less tiring."
> Rising hoofbeats announce Thunderlane's return with a water bottle gripped in his teeth.
> You twist and open it, but as soon as the first drops hit his tongue Lattice lights his horn and finishes draining it himself.
"Feeling better?"
> "Much."
> He struggles to his hooves, and with some shakiness manages to look at you.
> "Thank you, Master. I'll - I'll be sure to do everything I can."
> You heave yourself to your feet and dust off your hands.
"Good. Now -"
> Tapping him on the side, you wiggle a winger in a mid-air circle.
"-turn around?"
> Cautiously, Lattice does.
> And is still looking away when your hand comes down with a hard swat on his croup, eliciting a slight yelp from him.
> It is joined by pair of rather more muffled whimpers as you deliver a couple more quick slaps to both sides of his haunches.
> Thankfully Lattice is intelligent enough not to try and kick, though you had preemptively stepped to the side just in case.
> The look he gives you suggests he is seriously wondering whether this is necessary.
> But he does turn around, and barely gives so much as a squeak when you deliver a few solid slaps to his rear.
> Though his tail does firmly pin itself
"Don't ever jump me with a demand in front of a crowd like that, either of you. That was completely out of line. Next time, it'll be something more than my hand. Understood?"
> "Yes, master."
> "Yes, Master."
"Good. Thunderlane, go see him home; Lattice, rest up. We can talk more about how to implement this later, but I'm still glad you told me in the end.."
> After both of them head out, you take a seat back on the bed - looking at the two remaining ponies in the cell.
> Despite their earlier apparent differences, Cadance and Shining had huddled back up together again.
> Surprisingly, the latter pony doesn't look too upset at your impromptu discipline.
> Rather, he seems more surprised you agreed in the first place.
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