The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"No, you don't. I'm not going to ask for groveling or anything like that. Your pride will be intact."
> "What about the horn suppressor?"
"It stays. We can fit you with a controllable model if you're going back to work. It'll shut off when you're plugged in at your workbench."
> "...I see."
> “Please, love. Don’t you want to be out of here? Don’t you - you want to live like a sane pony again, wash up-?”
> Shining pulls from Cadance's side and walks up to you.
> Despite barely reaching your chest, despite the chains he drags on the floor, you can feel the force of will in his eyes.
> "I can't know how much of what you have told me about this place is true. But I can't find out in here, either."
"So, is that an agreement from you, then? Stay with your minder, no wandering off, no trying to turn ponies on me."
> "I want to take another look at this camp. If what you've said about it being - 'better' - if that's true, then I - I agree. And..."
> His eyes fall, tail droops again, and voice softens.
> For the first time you hear real, real desire in his tone.
> "Please. Let me see my daughter. I will beg for that, if that is what it takes."

Do we agree to let him out, given the conditions he's given us?
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